Zouzounia Program

Learning together is fun! The unique and interactive Zouzounia Program is specifically designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers to experience the joy of learning Greek in a stimulating environment. The aim is to give children and their parent or grandparent the opportunity to bond while learning a second language which enhances self-confidence, social and literacy skills. Zouzounia classes run for 1 hour and 15 minutes. They are small in size (10-12 students) and are taught by the founders, Evie and Mary.



Kinder, Primary & Secondary Program

LEXI School of Modern Greek caters for pre-schoolers and school aged students. The innovative 2 hour program aims to provide students with a sense of joy, achievement and confidence in the classroom and to foster in them a life long passion for the Greek language and culture.


At each level objectives have been set in accordance with the Australian Curriculum in Victoria (AusVELS). Through the use of effective teaching methodologies and interesting materials, programs are tailored to meet the needs of individual learners. Resources are carefully selected or developed by the teachers so that they are appealing and relevant, catering for the needs of the students.



Greek Dancing

Song and dance are a major part of Greek culture. According to Plato, to sing well and to dance well is to be well educated. Greek dancing is offered as a separate 45 minute class following the language session. This has enhanced the experience of Greek school for the students who choose to participate. Through traditional dance, students are encouraged to express themselves and have fun while learning about our heritage. The LEXI Dance Group participates in a number of annual cultural events such as Antipodes, Oakleigh Greek Glendi and the Melbourne Thessaloniki Sister-cities Festival at Federation Square.


Zouzounia Program: $240 per term

Zouzounia trial session $25

Lexi Greek Language Program: $295 per term

Greek Dancing: $50 per term

(Note: Classes are not pro rata. There are no additional fees)

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