LEXI School of Modern Greek is truly unique. There is a strong connection between the founders, the teaching team and the families at the school. Many students were enrolled as toddlers and are now approaching their teens. New families are quickly impressed by the professionalism, dedication, commitment and warmth of the educators.

"Through our three year association with LEXI School of Modern Greek our children have developed a blossoming interest in the Greek language and culture. LEXI, through its innovative and meticulously planned program, has encouraged their language skills and confidence in speaking Greek.


The curriculum includes the use of art activities, computer programs, and books designed for non native speakers which fosters the needs of kids that have a non-Greek speaking background.


The school employs teachers with valid teaching qualifications who are able to administer the curriculum in the most effective manner. LEXI should be commended for its highly effective and tailored focus."  Maria

"The exposure my children are getting to the Greek language and culture through the LEXI School of Modern Greek program is amazing. Mary and Evie (The Teaching Staff) provide a warm nurturing environment that encourages the children to want to learn and do well in class and in all areas Greek.


Our entire family has been involved and we have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the events they encourage us to take part in, be it the End of Year Recital, the Independence Day March to the Shrine or our favourite the Glendi where the kids get to show off their dancing skills."  Thea

"We have been coming to Zouzounia class in Oakleigh for about 1 and a half years now, the classes are very organised with structured activities.


Kiria Mary and Kiria Evie are genuinely happy to greet all the children and do so with a big smile on their face. Before we started at Zouzounia we trialed somewhere else but it didn't compare to this. My daughter loves coming here and always can't wait to see her teacher and the other children. I thoroughly recommend Zouzounia to all parents."  Argiro

"LEXI School of Modern Greek is a modern fresh approach to learning Greek as a second language. I have 3 boys. I am Australian with Greek parents and I have married a non-Greek.


Maintaining the Greek language and culture is extremely important to me. In an environment where my kids are exposed to many other language options through school it feels natural to teach my kids the Greek language as it is part of who they are. They will appreciate this effort in their later years. (Especially when traveling the Greek Islands as young adults)


The teachers at LEXI School of Modern Greek understand the environment and background to which our kids are embracing their rich Greek culture.


They are passionate about making the Greek learning experience fun & relevant. This is especially important to this generation where they are typically not speaking Greek at home.


My kids have been enrolled at LEXI School of Modern Greek over the last 7 years. Starting with their Zouzounia program at just 2 years old. They love going to 'Greek School' their ability to understand and speak the language is quite incredible given its 2 active learning hours per week. Yiayia and Papou are so proud watching them at the end of year Christmas concerts each year.


It's programs like LEXI School of Modern Greek and their amazing teachers that will keep the Greek language and culture strong with our younger generation."  Helen

"What a surprise it was to find such a warm and inviting Greek environment for our 2 year old grand daughter to interact with other children of similar back grounds.


The teachers talk to children of varying ages on an individual level but ensuring their time is spread evenly and equally. The program runs at a good pace and includes a variety of painting, pasting, dancing and story telling.


As an Australian born Greek grandmother, it is amusing to hear the Greek version of nursery rhymes like Ba Ba black sheep, and am so proud to hear the Greek language utilized by this new generation.


We have a very happy and excited little grand daughter every week after playing at Zouzounia."  Sophie

“I’m so happy I made the decision to send Katerina and Odyssea (almost 4 years old) to Zouzounia! It was exactly what I was hoping for – a fun environment where my children are immersed in the Greek language through music and story time, as well a setting where they can interact and socialise with their peers in Greek!.


Zouzounia will definitely provide a solid foundation for their Greek language development prior to starting school. It also assists me in continuing the Greek language in the home environment and helping to preserve our Greek heritage which is so important to our family.” Jo

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